Energy Saving Products

We promote and advocate the use of fuel- and energy saving products that WILL make a difference in the lives of ordinary communities that struggle daily with obtaining basic energy needs and adequate lighting. If and when a product comes on the market we will highlight it here:


Digital Products

After buying any of the following digital manuals (PDF) it will be emailed to you anything from a few minutes to a few hours from making the purchase, depending on where you are in the world!

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Portable Kiln Order Page_SectionA

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3 thoughts on “Products

  1. Iam interested in charcoal gasifier stove, wish to purchase one for my own usage, please let me know the contact and purchase procedure – Prashanth Bhat Bangalore. India

  2. We are currently working with various rural communities installing outdoor children play equipment & adult outdoor gyms. We would like to add some of your products into our basket of offerings.

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