Biochar Kilns

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Low-Tech Biochar Production Technology designed to be operated by a layperson. Developed for the rugged conditions of Africa and designed to be flat-packed into two crates. World’s FIRST Progressive Batch Pyrolysis System. Development funded by the World Bank and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Ratchet Press / Test Briquette Maker

The Ratchet Press is designed to produce approximately 500 x fuel briquettes per day. Perfect for NGOs looking to counter deforestation by introducing a press that can make briquettes from waste material to mitigate against the use of wood and charcoal. Retails for 6500 ZAR.
Test Briquette Maker (Top of picture) are simple Press Kits for training personnel to compress waste material. An angled iron stake (not pictured) is hammered into the ground to anchor the press. Retails for 2500 ZAR.

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Digital Products

After buying any of the following digital manuals (PDF) it will be emailed to you anything from a few minutes to a few hours from making the purchase, depending on where you are in the world!

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9 thoughts on “Products

  1. Iam interested in charcoal gasifier stove, wish to purchase one for my own usage, please let me know the contact and purchase procedure – Prashanth Bhat Bangalore. India

  2. We are currently working with various rural communities installing outdoor children play equipment & adult outdoor gyms. We would like to add some of your products into our basket of offerings.

      1. Hi Kobus, regarding Ratchet Press is the price the same if this will be ship to Philippines?

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